Source Code License for Releases

By Lex Li

This article describes what open source licenses are used for the source code of major releases of #SNMP.

In this article:

Release 8.5 and Above

Assembly Name Source Code License
SharpSnmpLib.Portable.dll MIT/X11
SharpSnmpLib.Full.dll MIT/X11
SharpSnmpLib.Android.dll MIT/X11
SharpSnmpLib.iOS.dll MIT/X11
snmpd.exe MIT/X11
All other samples public domain

Release 8.0 and Below

Assembly Name Source Code License
SharpSnmpLib.dll MIT/X11 (8.0), Lesser GPL (below 8.0)
SharpSnmpLib.Mib.dll BSD 3 Clause (7.5 and above), Lesser GPL (below 7.5)
SharpSnmpLib.Optional.dll Removed in 8.0, Lesser GPL (below 8.0)
Browser.exe MIT/X11
Compiler.exe MIT/X11
snmpd.exe MIT/X11
All other samples public domain


#SNMP uses many other open source projects, and their licenses are described below.

DockPanel Suite (MIT/X11) (c) Copyright 2007 Weifen Luo and other contributors

System.Tuples (MIT/X11) (c) Copyright 2010 Adis Hamzic

Mono.Options and Mono class library source files (MIT/X11) (c) Copyright 2008 Novell (c) Copyright 2009 Federico Di Gregorio (c) Copyright 2012 Xamarin Inc

RemObjects Mono Helpers (Lesser GPL) (c) Copyright 2010-2015 RemObjects Software

Microsoft Unity (MS-PL) (c) Copyright Microsoft

Apache log4net (Apache 2.0) (c) Copyright 2004-2015 The Apache Software Foundation

SharpDevelop TextEditor Control (Lesser GPL) (c) Copyright 2014 AlphaSierraPapa for the SharpDevelop team

ANTLR C# runtime (BSD 3 Clause) (c) Copyright 2010 Terence Parr

Office 2007 ToolStrip Renderer (custom license) (c) Copyright 2006 Phil. Wright

Crad’s Actions for Windows Forms (CPL) (c) Copyright 2006 Marco De Sanctis (c) Copyright 2012 Lex Li